National Moto+Cycle Co. embraces the historical leadership and spirit of the National founders fused with current technology to produce a custom collection of motorized board track style bicycles. Indy based NMC’s core intent is the development of bicycles that make a difference faster. A balanced blend of motorcycle board trackers, pre war auto racing heritage with nuances of aviation.

Intended for moving people first and cargo secondly with an optional SidePod carriage system. Powered efficiently with an optional 48cc 2 stroke EPA certified engine racing up to 30mph averaging 130+ mpg. A quick connect electrical booster trailer available for non combustion NMC Eco-BoardRacers. Up to 15 miles range on a single charge plus storage capacity.

By shadowing the early 1900‘s vintage style NMC captures the gritty characteristics and period profiles of the leading board track era manufactures as Excelsior, Thor, Indian, Cyclone, Pope, and Harley Davidson. Exploring a modern age where the bicycle gave way to the motorcycle and the automobile. The steeped racing history of Indianapolis courses through the heart of National Moto+Cycle Co. as we celebrate the Rebirth of the “Stock Champion”.

National Moto+Cycle Co. brand is supported by NMC Moto Gear. A vintage mix of clothing and period accessories with custom parts and components available for that one of a kind build. We invite you to engage the unique lifestyle of a by gone era full of heros and daredevils in the air or on the track.

The 2011-12 NMC MotoGear collection available soon.

National Moto+Cycle Co.

Developed by QuattroLab industrial design studio based in Indy.